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I am George Petre, a product manager who spent the last 7 years working in software innovation. 
I have a solid background in social media, online technologies, cloud computing, product development and management, user experience design and online marketing.
I'm proud that one of my products have enjoyed considerable media coverage from sites like TechCrunch, BCC, WSJ, Lifehacker, CNET, PCMag US, About.com .

I am a graduate of Mathematics and Computer Science University of Bucharest and I hold a master degree in Psychology applied in National Security. I am passionate about European cultures and I enjoy travelling all around Europe whenever possible.
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AOL, how about.me?

According to Tony Connrad’s Blog , AOL acquired the personal profile startup about.me .
For me, about.me was somehow similar with Twitter: very simple, very clean and very effective (or how Tonty Connard say on his blog: “duh, why hasn’t someone done that”). I know that usually big companies are killing the acquired startups, but on the other hand TechCrunch is part of AOL and it’s still a high quality online resource.
But definitely, to sell a startup  4 days after the launch with “tens of millions of dollars" must be a record…

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